Welcome Fibrant Customers!

We are honored to be chosen as the City of Salisbury’s new telecommunications partner. We are excited to serve each of you and the entire town of Salisbury. You have built and own an amazing fiber optic network and we are thrilled to take it to the next level with 10 Gig internet service, enhanced video offerings including 4K TV, home automation, virtual reality, and more! Many say the future is bright, we say it is FAST!

Here are a few things you should know regarding the Fibrant transition to Hotwire Communications’ Fision Fiber services.


You have a new Hotwire Communications account.
You now have a new account with Hotwire Communications. Starting with your October 2018 invoice, your existing Fibrant services will no longer be billed by the City of Salisbury. You will now receive a separate bill from Hotwire Communications in the mail.
If you were previously enrolled in auto-pay, you must re-enroll and sign-up again with us. Information for this can be found in the FAQ section below.

Your monthly service rates will remain the same.
The rates you currently pay for each of your services should be exactly the same on your first Hotwire Communications bill. Please note there could be a fluctuation in taxes.

Our Customer Service team is here to help you.
We offer Customer Care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have one number to call for all of your needs: 800-355-5668 – just select the prompt for Salisbury and you will be connected directly to one of our friendly and experienced representatives.

Exciting NEW services are on the way!
We are in the final stages of testing our new equipment to deliver our Fision Fiber service to your home. This will give you more reliable service with new equipment designed to handle the growing increase in demand for bandwidth happening every day.

Our new Fision Fiber service will offer :
• Competitively priced services     • New TV features     • Larger On Demand library     • TV Everywhere options     • Much more!
When we are ready to launch Fision, you will be contacted again and we will provide you much more information about our new products.


To see a copy of the letter sent to all existing residential and business Fibrant customers, click one of the links below.
Residential Welcome Letter    |    Business Welcome Letter
Important TV Everywhere Information for Current Customers – Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I set-up and access my Hotwire account online?

A. To access your account visit: www.gethotwired.com/my-account and login. To register, you will need your statement code from your Hotwire bill. Your statement code is the series of numbers following your customer number and dash (-). After you register or log on, you can view and pay your bill, set-up auto payment and more.

Q. How do I enroll in Auto-Pay?


A. It’s easy! Just access your My Hotwire account using the instructions above, then complete the online enrollment page. For automatic payment using a checking account, please download our Direct Debit Authorization Form and follow the instructions listed.

Q. Has my billing period changed?


A. No, you will remain in the same billing cycle which means the date your bill is due will not change.

Q. If I have Fibrant telephone service, will my phone number change?


A. No, you will keep your same telephone number.

Q. Do I need to have an installation appointment with Hotwire Communications?


A. Right now, NO – your existing Fibrant services will remain active. We will contact you again when new Fision TV service is available in your neighborhood. To get new Fision TV service you will need to schedule a technician appointment. We will bring new equipment to your home. If you currently have a DVR box we suggest you watch all of your recordings now because unfortunately you cannot keep them when you switch to our new service.

Q. Will my channel lineup change?


A. Not right now, we are required to make some changes by the end of this month to the current Fibrant channel packages. We will provide additional details and advanced notice to each customer with television service before changes are made.

Q. Will Hotwire put a cap/limit on my internet service/data package?


A. No, we do not have caps on any of our packages. Surf, stream and shop – you will always have unlimited usage included in your monthly package.